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wrapped in silk

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Setting the stage: Picture sunshine, shiny green grass, maple leaves rustling. Barefoot and relaxed, sitting in a supportive wooden chair that allows the spine to release. Morning <insert fave hot bev> in hand, smiling up at the sky. Bright blue with fluffy white clouds, floating, to no pattern or rhythm. Shadows of foliage dance in the sunlight. It's a beautiful morning.

Days off are such an incredible gift. We sometimes forget how good it feels to have no agenda. Letting go of "all the things" is IMHO imperative to our wellness. In the stillness, we tune into self. In the quiet, we hear our deepest desires. In the space between spaces, we align all the parts of ourselves. Like Humpty Dumpty, back together again. Whole. Rooted. Free.

Capable of being whatever we dream of being and more.

I like to philosophize about many things and I have lots of questions & ideas.

Spending time in stillness brings me great joy. I love jigsaw puzzles and connecting all that's going on within my heart, mind, and soul is such an intricate puzzle.

Wild. Truthfull. Liberating. Creative. Harmonious.

Do you relate to this?

How so?

Step back into the sunshine and into the chair. I feel a little tickling sensation on my arm as I sink further into relaxation. Hmmm. That actually feels quite lovely, like some sort of soft material brushing lightly over my skin. Pausing for a few seconds to savour the sensation, I slowly turn my head and realize that a spider is building its web off my arm. I know that nature is intelligent and that spiders are extraordinary. Mouth gaping open, I realize, that spider trusts me enough to build its food catcher off of me. I also realize that I'm not imagining a tiny spider can hurt me.

Sure, there are elements of nature that can hurt us. That's why it doesn't hurt to know a little about nature, to connect with it, to learn about it. Spend time in it.

Spending time in it, I gaze at 2 crows who look like they having an animated conversation. Time to get inside and relax some more. Very gently, I brush the near- microscopic silken threads from my arm, moving the little spider to a bright green leaf.

I venture down this train of thought: Some could say I'm insensitive because I let a spider build a web only to destroy it once I stood up. Try this on for a moment. Nature - or a person who interferes with what is wild and free - is cruel if you choose to see it this way.

Look at that word: destroy.

What kind of images come to mind?

Is it destruction if it's nature? Or is it just all of us living together in harmony, finding how we can most effortlessly live together? Is it a bit of both? You get to choose your perspective.

The other day, I read a passage about a lady who reacted so quickly to every little bug that was brave enough to cross her path. Squishing those little critters quickly was her way of protecting herself. Fearful that a tiny creature might hurt her, she wiped that possibility out of existence. I wonder if she knows what a limitless task that is? What is her story?

I wonder if she knows how many insects inhabit the planet? I wonder how many other people feel this way? I recently read "A Mind at Home with Itself" by Byron Katie, and she invites us all to take our struggles, fears and judgments and turn them around.

Through listening to one another and hearing one another's stories, we begin to understand that we all see the world through a different lens. Our willingness to share lenses and learn from one another over clinging to being right brings us together.

In this moment, I invite you to be open and to bring your focus to love:

Nature is abundant if you choose to see it this way.

How can you see nature's abundance around you, no matter where you are in this moment?

Look at these 2 statements: 1. Nature is cruel. 2. Nature is abundant

Which statement for you is true?

Do you know what it's like to be wrapped in silk as it's being spun? Before today, I never knew that experience was a possibility. Sitting in stillness opens up things we never imagined possible, from the tiniest joys to the wildest adventures, and the opportunities to experience are limitless...

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