guided meditations

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Through stillness, may self-love find space to surface. 

what is deep self-care? 

generosity with self

coming into your centre

trusting what's within

creative fire meditation 

moment of mindfulness - breath awareness 

international peace day 2020 guided meditation 

visualization and guided meditation for self-love 

visualization and guided meditation for creativity

visualization and guided shining heart meditation

team meditations


If you are looking for a guided meditation for yourself or for your team, connect with me. 

  • 1:1 sliding scale

  • 30 minutes from $200

  • 60 minutes from $300

weekly meditations

Wednesdays at 8am Pacific

Zoom link to join sessions - all are welcome

Reiki is also available on request 

morning meditations are 30 minutes in length

I have led meditations for multiple groups and teams including: 

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