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what is coaching? 

Coaching is a process that helps: 

  • identify and set goals

  • create what you want to experience

  • overcome obstacles 

  • shift to new ways of doing

  • achieve the extraordinary

As a Coach, I provide confidential, guided sessions to empower you to tap into what's possible, which is so much more than you realize!


My coaching style offers you a variety of wellness tools and strategies to support you in being present to what matters most. 

Coaching Sessions

Currently offered over Zoom, sessons are 1 hour in length and are provided 1:1. Coaching packages include tools and resources,  communication via text and short calls between sessions as needed.


Coaching has the most impact when sessions happen regularly. 

I recommend coaching either twice or three times per month. Sliding scale available. 

Coaching Rates

Other packages and group coaching are available. 

Contact me to learn more. 

why work with
a coach? 

Coaching is transformative. 


With a Coach, you can access your goals and dreams faster.


Human beings always achieve more when we work together.

Coaching is collaborative. 

A Coach: 

1. believes in you  

2. supports you  

3. champions you

4. listens to you 

5. helps you with accountability

6. challenges you

7. knows you can

Coaching works. 


I've experienced the magic of coaching and that is why I know it works - because for me, it has!



"I am so grateful for the opportunity to do this kind of personal work for the past 10 months. I feel like I have taken control of my life with Rachel's guidance . I've become empowered to take the steps to turn my goals and dreams into a reality by addressing all aspects of myself and finding clarity in what it is I truly want in my life." 


Natalie, Healer and Artist

Shuswap Region, BC  

"I had the pleasure of engaging in coaching sessions with Rachel at a time when I was re-creating my life focus and envisioning an accompanying website to reflect my new direction. Rachel was a wonderfully kind guidance system - insightful, organized, and knowledgeable, she ignited for me my own insight and organizational skills. 


And lo and behold, she was also an accelerator! In less time than I imagined, and with some direct pointers and referrals from Rachel, I was launched and on my way. I saved so much time through our conscious collaborations.  Investing in you was investing in me."


Raine, Energy Practitioner

Vancouver, BC 

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Click here to read the International Coach

Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics. 

View my ICF membership badge here.

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