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What is Sliding Scale?

This post is intended to offer some context around why I have chosen to use a Sliding Scale Model for the enneagram workshops I offer.

First off, there is the Buddhist principle of ‘dana’ or generosity. This Pali word representing the practice of cultivating and expanding generosity exists within Buddhism, Hinduism, and other philosophies, wisdom traditions, and religions.

Years and years ago, and even today, Buddhist and Zen teachers don’t charge for their teachings. They will, however, receive and accept donations, based on what people are comfortable giving.

I appreciate the freedom within this to give from overflow.

I am also really interested in the philosophies surrounding gift economy. I’m an active member of my local Buy Nothing Group and I’ve read Sacred Economics a couple times. There’s a lot of information in that book and I will read it again, as I have so much more to learn from it.

Within the Enneagram framework, I identify most with type 9. People with 9 as a Core Type Structure tend to have a core motivation of creating harmony around them. Stemming from that, inclusivity is one of my core values.

It’s so important to me to create programs that allow people to join in, regardless of their income level. I don’t think anyone should be denied access to learning if they don’t have money.

At this time of social distancing, we do need an internet connection and a device, so I realize there may be some people who cannot join in. Going forward, post-pandemic, I hope to offer these workshops in person to create greater accessibility and inclusivity.

For now, in our current state, anyone with a device and internet connection is welcome to join, again regardless of their income level. Further, sometimes people have a great income and some debt. This is really about comfort level, and what people are comfortable paying.

If you wish to join, please come and join. Everything will come out in the wash and you don’t have to worry about the fees. For those with more wealth and financial abundance who wish to pay it forward, they can pay more. With the extra fees collected, I have created some bursaries that are available.

All communication comes directly to me and it is confidential to honour and protect your privacy. If you’d like to have access to a bursary, if you’d like to contribute to a bursary, or if you are somewhere in between and you wish to join, reach out!

Everyone is welcome. I’d love to have you join me and I hope to see you at the next Know Thyself workshop beginning April 26th.

To register: please email me with “register me” in the subject line.

You can also visit the enneagram workshops page here.

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