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the enneagram 

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Communication, compassion, appreciation.

These are the first three words I think of in relation to the enneagram. 


Written about in Forbes Magazine and used for culture and team building in a vast array of industries from Tech, Retail, Wellness, and Real Estate, for climate change solutions and in prisons, leaders are using the Enneagram to both support the growth of their teams and their companies. 

The Enneagram gives us access to understanding ourselves and others more deeply. It offers a powerful framework that can offer clarity in times of stress and confusion. 


Learn how to apply the Enneagram to your life, personally and professionally. 

The Enneagram offers us a framework to: 


  • identify what motivates our actions and begin to see our blind spots

  • discover why we make certain decisions

  • explore gifts and strengths

  • decrease stress

  • mitigate and/or manage conflict with understanding and loving kindness

  • deepen compassion for ourselves and others 

  • to do our deeper work and liberate ourselves from patterns that prevent us from living from and through the heart 

Learn About the Enneagram 

I offer workshops and a number of 3 x 3-part workshop series to create a foundational knowledge of the Enneagram system of transformation. 

Experience deeper insight into why you do what you do and how to leverage this knowledge to live the life you desire. Learn the basics of how to apply the Enneagram to multiple aspects of your life. 

My objective is to share these powerful teachings with all who wish to learn about the deeper work that this beautiful system offers so we can show up with more awareness and impact. 


I've had the honour and privilege of doing some deeper work with the Enneagram. In 2021. I completed Paths to Freedom with the Enneagram Prison Project and a Deep Dive into the Heart with Russ Hudson. I continue my learning through online and live workshops and I attended the International Enneagram Conference in 2023. I am a member of the International Enneagram Association, and I have provided workshops to several leaders and leadership teams including Esalen and Hollyhock. 

Email me to request details

In the meanwhile, if you're looking for a private workshop for your team or group, please reach out for details to learn about Team Workshops.

From what started as weekly zoom calls with strangers (though like-minded), quickly moved to calls with a family-like group, who expressed shared values and a willingness to be vulnerable. So much power in this! I recommend Rachel's Enneagram coaching to anyone who wants to learn more about themselves, has a growth mindset, is looking to improve relationships in their lives, and/or, is looking to connect with a very special coach and friend. I have no doubt Rachel will help guide you towards more love, light, clarity and knowing. 

Lauren - Vancouver, BC

Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful course--despite having been studying the enneagram, and how it maps on to my life, for a number of years, and even though this was mostly an introductory course, I really took some good insights away from it. Just being able to explore some issues in a safe space with good guidance allowed me to flesh out some parts that can only really come alive in relation to others. I also really appreciated the extra time devoted to helping us sort out our types with more clarity. 

Stephen, Manitoba


I am an advocate for equal access to learning. An initiative I am passionate about is the Enneagram Prison Project, which is now in Canada.  Learn more here.

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