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Thoughts from a Pacifist

Thank you for pausing to contemplate the state of the world with me. It doesn't have to be like this. As I look at measures of air quality, watch debris floating in the ocean, witness children inspiring adults to wake the fuck up and step into action, I know in my heart that it doesn't have to be like this.

Pacifism is my essence. I'm watching, witnessing, marching. I am an unlikely activist, a radical optimist, and an advocate for social justice. I don't understand hierarchy or class. These make no sense to me. My work in this life is to spread love and collaborate with others to hold space for the elevation of the collective consciousness. Sometimes I judge humanity and the world, wondering how the human race isn't more evolved than this. Those judgments are fleeting and I rarely give them breath or life. Most of my time, I stand for love and peace. For myself and for all those who don't believe in our inherent goodness. Watching people act without pausing to consider the consequences, I know in my bones it doesn't have to be like this.

The yogic yama Ahimsa is my guiding light. Do no harm - in your thoughts, words, actions. It isn't easy to live this philosophy because I happen to have judgments. We all do; please don't pretend you don't. Once you own the fact that you are human and that part of the human experience includes the shadows and ugliness, the dark parts can become beautiful, sacred. If you don't understand this, experience it and you will see. If this sounds cryptic, more practice will help you understand.

Have you ever noticed that we take things personally because we care? Often there is no emotion connected with the truth we experience and many times, the truth hurts. This makes it personal. Know that it hurts because it is meant to teach you something and this is meant to expand you. The truth about what humans have collectively done to the planet and to each other throughout the course of history hurts me. Does it hurt you? It doesn't have to be like this.

Fighting with armoured hearts, hurting in the name of peace. I will never be swayed to believe this. Does this actually make any sense to anyone? Fighting for peace? As confusing as a Zen koan, try as I might, I cannot find an answer to this puzzling phrase. Much of what is happening in the world makes no sense. I feel tension: what am I meant to learn from this? I understand that we are exploiting animals and people, some are over-consuming while others are starving, and many cannot look a homeless person in the eye. Quoting Mother Teresa, it seems "we have forgotten that we belong to each other."

On the odd day, I weep and shake with grief for the suffering and disconnection in the world. Most days, though, I fill my own heart and soul with love, amplify it and send it back out into the world. Some say love is the strongest force. I say so too.

We are growing. We are changing. Though it's shocking and absolutely not "right" for children to be leading a revolution and to be fighting for our future, it's happening. Children around the world are using their voices and we need to follow their lead and love them deeply. We can longer shield children from the state of the world. The information is out there, the facts and figures, research, evidence, destruction, activism. It could be so much simpler. It doesn't have to be like this.

Those who are passionate are not wrong. They care. It's important to listen. If you are bothered, it's because something is stirring inside you. Remember that we belong to one another. Tap in. What else are you remembering?

What you may not realize is those passionate ones, their mission includes you. They are standing and speaking up for us all, loving us all, encouraging us to take responsibility. It matters how we got here and it matters more that we do things differently now. Choose to show up powerfully, however you can, as an activist, an advocate, a pacifist, a caregiver, a citizen of planet earth. You matter, each of us matters. Take a look at how you live your life and choose one thing to focus on and add to that, amplify that. Support local, avoid plastic, reuse jars, eat more veggies, meditate, walk or cycle, donate, consume less, and love MORE.

There's energy in everything, including your thoughts and words. Our nature, our universe, is expansive. Whatever we choose to expand will grow. What will you choose? I thank you, our crusaders, our brave ones taking a stand for current and future generations and for our planet. Thank you, I love you. Om shanti shanti shanti <3

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