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enneagram workshops

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The Enneagram is an incredible system for personal and professional transformation. This course is offered with the intention to support your growth while providing financial philanthropic support to Canadian charities.

The Enneagram offers us a framework to: 


  • identify what motivates our actions

  • discover why we make certain decisions

  • explore gifts and strengths + decrease stress

harvest & heal: reframing fertility

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The topic of fertility extends far beyond human procreation. This workshop is an invitation to those who've had any sort of challenge with fertility to heal and stoke their inner creative fire in a healing and inclusive space.


The workshop includes: 

  • mindfulness practices

  • tools 

  • coaching

  • resources for continued healing & support

  • and more

embracing sensitivity


Those who are sensitive are feeling this transformative time, some like never before. Sensitivity is a precious gift and now is the time to embrace it.  


This workshop is for those who are highly sensitive and/or empathic and: 

  • want to learn how to conserve and expand their energy

  • have a desire to embrace and enjoy their sensitivity

  • are called to help others and wish to gain more tools + practices

  • would like to connect with a community of like-hearted people 

COMING THIS FALL                                             

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