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If you are ready to take a leap and trust the wisdom of your own heart,  coaching can help you explore and discover what's next on your path. 

do you:  ​

  • seek direction and purpose?

  • desire meaning in your life? 

  • want clarity on your boundaries? 

  • wish to become more decisive?

  • want to communicate more powerfully with others? 

  • have a passion you want to explore? 

  • wish to live according to what you value most?

Coaching is an empowering process that can help you become more of who you are, and connect you with who you've always been. 

"Above all, to thine own self be true." 
~ William Shakespeare

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finding your way

My name is Rachel and I help people tune in to what's most important to them. 

Over the past 20 years, I have learned from professors, healers, executives, philosophers, spiritual teachers, entrepreneurs, mentors and coaches. 

In my studies, contemplations and practice, I continue to seek ways to be of service to others.


As a  student of life, I hold certificates as a Certified Leadership Coach, Hatha yoga teacher and Reiki - Third Degree and I am a member of the International Coach Federation. 

Where are you at in your journey?


I'd love to help! 

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the Enneagram 

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I've had the honour and privilege of doing some deeper work with the enneagram this fall. At this time, I'm in the process of updating the curriculum for all my workshops.


In the meanwhile, I'm going to be hosting an informal group to discuss and share knowledge and experience with the enneagram. All are welcome to join, regardless of your experience and knowledge level. If you are curious, please click the button below to sign up for the invites.


There is no obligation and no cost. 










weekly morning meditations

resuming Wednesday, November 3rd at 8am Pacific

experience the recordings here

Zoom link to join sessions

Reiki is also available on request 

morning meditations are 30 minutes in length

new blog post: 
what is sliding scale? 

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Listen to the Podgecast Podcast



The purpose of the Podgecast is to share a hodgepodge of stories from various people who are doing things to impact the world in meaningful ways. 


Season 2 is underway!


Season 1 is 10 episodes 


available on multiple platforms including: 

Apple Podcasts, Spotify,

Stitcher, and Google Podcasts

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This post is intended to offer some context around why I have chosen to use a Sliding Scale Model for the enneagram workshops I offer.


First off, there is the Buddhist principle of ‘dana’ or generosity. This Pali word representing the practice of cultivating and expanding generosity exists...    READ MORE

Rachel is absolutely phenomenal in her coaching. Her patience, soothing voice, and love radiates through technology - even forgiving my patchy wifi - and can bring my convoluted thoughts into a grounded and centered place. I adore her ability to break everything down to its core essence, drilling into what needs to be unpacked and how she always provides me with permission to do whatever serves me best. Rachel always comes from a place of love for which I am eternally grateful. 


Ev, Author & Storytelling Coach

Vancouver, BC 

I have really loved the Enneagram courses. With Rachel's guidance through this system I have really been able to really understand my own patterns and how to manage them and focus on my strengths! The three sets of courses were such an eye opener on how I show up in relationships, professionally and what I can do to really move myself forward. So much valuable information.


The care and kindness Rachel has really comes across in every interaction. She is an excellent Coach and Teacher.


Allie, Toronto ON

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