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yoga + practice


Hatha with Jazz music 

next practice Monday, November 16th

7pm - 8pm Pacific 

by donation


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By creating a virtual space of love, safety, and meaningful connection, I believe we can help children more deeply connect with how they feel. By creating a safe space for them to express, children can identify and articulate what is real and present for them. I'm grateful to offer these sessions in partnership with an Authentic Parenting organization called Raising Humanity. Learn more about Raising Humanity. 


We simply are not taught to navigate our emotions. Especially here in Canada, we want to spare others' feelings and we don't want to be labelled as "dramatic" so we stuff our feelings and over time, we learn to cope in other ways.


To shift this, when a child expresses that they feel "mad inside their body," we can ask them what they can do with that anger. What so often happens when we express big emotions is a well-intentioned person asks us how they can help to "fix" this. Or someone says, don't be mad, don't cry, don't be sad. While well-intentioned, this is a projection of the other person's discomfort with those big emotions and it does not serve us. What if nothing is broken? What if instead of "not being" in what's uncomfortable, we face it and feel it, and as a result, learn something from it? Feelings are meant to move, not to stagnate. 


Play is essential to us all, no matter our age. It puts us in creative space. Creativity is expansive and it helps the body to relax and it allows us to be sponaneous, which connects us with source, with the divine. Simply asking the question, "what can you do with that anger?" without judgement or a plan for what "should" be done demonstrates acceptance and creates space and support. Perhaps they will choose to move. Or breathe. Or create something. Or...


By believing ourselves and others to be whole and capable, the possibility for creative solutions that serve all has space to emerge. 

Children are typically more in touch with how they feel than adults are and this is a practice to help them nurture and accept this wisdom. 

Each practice offers one or more of the following: 

  • meaningful connection to something cherished

  • simple breath-work

  • movement

  • the option to express via chat or verbally to others 

  • lots of smiles + fun

As an inner guidance coach, I help others connect, not just to others and the world outside ourselves but also to self, to what is experienced, felt, and processed, to what is possible. The human experience is vast and I believe we need to experience the polarities of our emotions in order to truly appreciate and understand them. 


As a woman unable to bear children, I've discovered that my innate ability to nurture and care for others can be channeled into practices such as these. I am a professionally trained yoga teacher and mindfulness coach and reiki practitioner, and a lifelong student of mindfulness philosophy and practice. What I bring to this is my greatest accreditation: my heart.


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