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What is Wellness?

Wellness is a way of life for me, and I continually seek new opportunities to merge healthy habits into all that I do. I am always reflecting on how I can do things better and I hold myself to a high standard. As a result, I continually mess up. It's an ongoing journey to come to terms with this.

Even the language I use "mess up" suggests I'm in chaos, disarray.

What exactly IS wellness?

I ask myself:

  • What does Wellness mean to me?

  • What is the first thing that comes to mind when I see or hear this word?

  • What emotions do I associate with Wellness?

  • How much do I value Wellness?

Pondering these questions, wellness is an umbrella term for what feels good, what serves me, how I fill my cup, whether it be through a vigorous hike, a glass of vino, creating something new, balancing my budget, taking supplements, or simply enjoying time with those I love. And yet, I still feel a sense of urgency, a call to action, a voice that says, "Rach, you could be doing more though." Followed by a finger waggle.

Judgments I know in my heart I do a lot of wonderful things to help others with their wellness and I continue to seek ways to care for my human family.

Judgments happen. They are connected to the ego mind and they can and often do cause self-criticism, disappointment, icky feelings in general. Accepting my judgments is a part of my current wellness plan. Noticing when I make a statement that is judgmental and acknowledging it instead of word-smithing to justify said judgment is a habit of the past.

Ahh, that feels good.

And now I'm judging myself again because as a wonderfully imperfect human, I will inevitably express judgments again. Identifying and taking responsibility for my judgments as I notice them going forward is a more realistic way to integrate this a mental/emotional/spiritual wellness habit. If someone else calls me out on something I'm judging, I commit to taking full responsibility. Working in partnership with ego continues...


Wellness is self-love in my world. I have the capacity to dig deeper when my cup is full.

Inward I go.

I've recently noticed a curious inner knowingness, that my ability to serve the wellness of others is linked to my willingness to take action to honour my body, mind, heart and spirit. Symbiotic. When we are willing to take action, which includes thoughts, words, and deeds, an unlock happens. Ahimsa.

If we can take a giant step back to look at the bigger picture, it becomes a joy to be willing.

In the moment, it can be so puzzling to see "why" certain occurrences are unfolding. Thoughts like, "I don't understand! Why me? and It's not fair!" can override our sensibilities. In a book on loving kindness, I read that emotions are just as logical as thoughts. Emotions, like thoughts, require our attention for them to be fully conscious. The tricky thing is, if we are immersed in how we are feeling (being), I myself am unable to think about my feelings logically (doing).

And sometimes, it just feels good to wallow. Stop judging.

Take a step back to view the bigger picture. Take a step back from something you are completely immersed in doing. Let it go. Dust your palms together, shake it off.