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Deja Vu

"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other."

- Mother Teresa

I was reading a passage about deja vu and it was the most articulate expression I'd ever come across. In this book, deja vu was described as a spot of timelessness in which past and future are one and the same. It's as though that feeling of having been there is real; not only have you been there, you've always been there and you always will be. Deja vu feels so real, and IMHO, I do believe these are moments of omnipotence that transcend what the human mind has the capacity to grasp. Regardless, my mind really loves stepping into concepts with these sorts of possibilities. I feel a shift with this and instead of trying to understand, I'm noticing that more often, I'm simply enjoying the ride. I'm open to what these perceived spontaneous experiences have to teach me.

Choosing to be and stepping into the space of student is making me a better teacher, coach, mentor, sister, human, whatever hat I choose to wear in any given moment. This unpredictable journey to self love, I'm learning, requires the courage to be ok with the unknown, with uncertainty. I never realized how courageous I am until I entered my 40s. The more I acknowledge my fears as fabrications of my imagination, the more juicy and abundant life becomes.

I received a lesson this morning about that moment when you see someone across the room and you know it's on. That romantic moment: love at first sight. We brush it off and call it idealism. An unattainable fairy tale. What I've learned over and over from so many of my teachers and mentors is that this experience is seeing someone in the beauty and purity of their natural state and vibration. This morning it was referred to as moment of mutual "spontaneous enlightenment." How quick we are to dismiss a shared glance when we KNOW in our bodies and in our being that this is the real stuff we are made of. That this is stardust, this is golden.

Why do we forget so often that we are a human family? Why do we so often forget that behind all the frustration, stress, fear, there is love? It seems that we've made it the hardest thing to love one another. The most natural, easiest way for our hearts to be is in a state of love. It's also one of the most challenging things for the mind.

I used to feel this in my shoulders, so heavy. The weight of the world's sadness. No more. I will feel into the sadness but I won't carry it. It's too heavy for one person, and it's my responsibility as a love-filled human to remind others that I see them, feel them, love them. Deja vu. I've been here before, I will always be here. Love. It's so powerful that it has the capacity to lift, dissolve, melt the barriers. It's what connects us. Remember who you are, dear one, and shine your light. xo

I humbly offer this self love exercise. Read this through first before closing your eyes :)

Close your eyes (or don't - your choice) and place your right hand in the centre of your chest, over your heart chakra. Take a deep breath into this space. Exhale audibly with your mouth open. Place your left hand over your right hand and breathe into this space again. Notice how this feels in your body. Soften your face, your shoulders, all your muscles. Take another breath and this time imagine a bright green light entering your toes, extending your inhale as long as you can, continuing to fill with light. Keep breathing in this green light until it extends from the tips of your toes to the crown of your head. Once you are full, imagine rays of this green light emanating from your body, creating an aura surrounding your body. Repeat this with golden light. Once the green and gold have merged, sway or move in whatever way you are called to move. Keep breathing. Think of one or more people you love so much, and as you are enveloped in this beautiful green and gold light, take that feeling of love you have for others and send it inwards, to where your hands lie over your heart. Breathe it in as nourishment. Stay in this space for whatever length of time feels right. Before you remove your hands from your heart, take your deepest exhale allow it to carry and remove something that no longer serves you.

I love you. Namaste.

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